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I-TAS is an ISO Consulting body operating from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. I-TAS’s major verticals are Management System Consulting, Training, Certification support and HR Consulting. Standardization is the only language through which corporate communicate globally, so I-TAS ensures corporate to emphasize on standard implementation. As International standards are the backbone of our society, they help the customers reassure that their products, service and organization are safe and reliable to themselves, their consumers, environment and even the government.

An extensive range of case studies done by leading industrial expert proves the importance of standards boosting their business. Every type of organization from micro, small, medium to large incorporation faces their operational challenges. But the difference lies here, who is the one who overcomes those challenges to make a global impact. Again surveys, statistics and case studies prove that organization which uses Standards as strategic tool and guidelines does that.


  • Integrity – we work with integrity in every facet of our business
  • Openness – we maintain an open structure for easy accessibility
  • Responsibility – we take responsibility for every process involved in our business
  • Continual Improvement –Continual improvement is embed in our system

Our core vision is to make International Standards easily implementable globally through our extensive training and supportive methods

Our mission right is to bring awareness on Standards and its benefits to organization by means of quality training methodologies thereby implement International standards with ease.